About The Evolve Program

What we do

Mentorship, counselling, & trauma-informed care. 

Support Available

Participants in the Evolve program can access a variety of services including:

  • personal and family counselling
  • religious counselling
  • mentorship
  • advocacy
  • crisis management
  • addiction support
  • help with basic needs

The Evolve program also helps participants access and navigate bureaucratic support systems such as financial assistance, employment support, child welfare services, legal aid, and the justice system.

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Responding to Hate-Motivated Violence
The Evolve Program is operated by the Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV). The OPV is a diverse group of professionals with experience in understanding and responding to hate-motivated violence and other forms of social polarization.

Our confidential, voluntary and free program provides customized support to individuals and families who:

  1. are looking to disengage from extremist and hate-motivated groups or;
  2. have been victimized by a hate crime or incident
Evolve Program Staff

The Evolve program uses a relationship-based service model and trauma-informed care. Our multi-disciplinary team includes a forensic psychologist, social workers, and specialized mentors. Our mentors include two former members of the far-right movement and an Islamic scholar. The intervention team uses their collective experience and knowledge of local services to:

  1. assess needs, risks, and protective factors;
  2. plan and deliver intervention services; and
  3. mobilize necessary resources for program participants.

Meet some of our experienced and skilled practitioners

Evolve Program: The First Two Years

After three years of program development and two years of operations, we are proud to share our data and findings from the Evolve intervention program. The Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV) holds a commitment of openness and transparency to the communities we serve. This is the impetus for the “First Two Years” report, which tells a complete story about our operations: who we aid, the services we provide, and an honest account of our successes and challenges.

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