What are you looking for?

"I need to talk."

If your actions or beliefs are getting in the way of building meaningful relationships or reaching your life goals, our team of mentors and counsellors is here to listen and help you make positive changes.

"I'm worried about someone."

If you’re concerned about the beliefs or actions of someone close to you, our team will support you and guide you to appropriate resources.

"I've experienced a hate incident or crime."

If you’ve experienced hate, our team offers a supportive place to share your story. We can also provide counselling, resources, advice, and advocacy to support you.

Need Help? Contact the Evolve Program

If you’re looking for a listening ear, contact us now. We respond to all messages within three business days.

To respect your privacy & ensure everyone’s safety, we will only respond to missed calls if a voice or text message is left.

If you have an immediate safety concern, contact your local police.

Our team operates independent from government and law enforcement and we work to assure your privacy. There are specific situations in which we may be compelled to share information with law enforcement or other agencies — read our confidentiality statement to learn more.

For questions about Evolve, call or text us at: 1 (877) 938-6580.

Only be as specific as you're comfortable with. This information helps us match you with the right staff member.