These resources are focused on preventing violent extremism through prevention methods like media literacy and education. 

Interactive Media Bias Chart

Ad Fontes Media

Use this tool to quickly check your media sources for reliability and bias. This chart is updated regularly and includes print media, web media, videos, television, and podcasts. 

Violent Extremism Explained

A short educational video on what violent extremism is, and what you can do about it.  

The News Literacy Project

Programs and resources for educators and the public to learn and share skills needed to be informed, active consumers of news and information.

Media Smarts

A resource to strengthen digital and media literacy in children and youth. Includes research, information, and resources for teachers and parents. 

Looking for more?

Our operating organization, the Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV), has additional violence prevention resources for practitioners and parents here. 

You can also read research publications published by the OPV here