The Evolve Program

Supporting those leaving behind hate and extremism.


Embrace hope and change. Access judgement-free support through Evolve.   Our confidential, voluntary, and no-cost program provides support to those looking to move away from harmful belief systems.   Harmful belief systems can include extremist ideologies, hate groups, conspiracy theories, grievances or groups that justify violence, and more.

What are you looking for?

"I need help."

If you want to move away from harmful beliefs, our team of mentors, counsellors and human service workers can help you make positive changes in your life.

"I'm worried about someone."

If you’re worried about someone you care about, our team can support you and guide you to appropriate resources regarding hate-motivated violence and extremism.

"I'm looking for information."

Learn more about violent extremism, or check out our resources area for other helpful links and organizations.

What We Do

We provide counselling, mentorship, and customized social supports to individuals and families who:

  1. want to move away from harmful belief systems (this may include extremist ideologies, hate groups, conspiracy theories, grievances, or groups that justify violence, etc.)
  2. are victims of hate crimes or incidents.

Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful change for program participants while promoting safer communities. We work independently from the government and law enforcement. While we’re based in Edmonton, we can provide in-person services anywhere in Alberta. We can also work remotely with participants from across Canada. 

Our work is collaborative. It can look different for each participant, but ultimately, we help people reach their personal goals. We do this by connecting people to services and supports that will help them improve. We focus on helping participants create or reconnect to positive relationships to improve aspects of their life they want to work on.

Our work can include services such as:

  • Support for basic needs
  • Mental health support
  • Mentorship
  • Talking to people who’ve gone through similar experiences
  • Employment and educational support
  • Personal and family counselling 
  • Religious counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis management 
  • Addiction support
  • Connection to leisure and recreation  
  • Accessing community resources  
  • Support understanding and navigating systems (justice, health, housing, social assistance, etc.)
  • News + Media Literacy 
Is this program really for me?

If you or someone you know relates to ANY of the following statements, reach out and start a conversation today. We’re here to listen.

  • Believing violence is the only way to bring about change in society 
  • Believing that a violent collapse of society is imminent and desirable 
  • Regularly consuming, creating, or sharing violent or hateful material, symbols, and ideas 
  • Believing specific groups of people are responsible for one’s problems 
  • Feeling isolated, alone, or disconnected from those around you 
  • Feeling one’s personal beliefs, culture, or ideas are under attack 
  • Surrounding oneself only with people who share the same extreme views

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your program a deradicalization program?

Deradicalization is the process of causing a person with extreme views to adopt more moderate positions. We don’t require or expect people to change their viewpoints. People who participate in our program do so voluntarily. We work with each participant to help them disengage from a group or belief to the point where it no longer interferes with their goals. If those goals include changing one’s perspective, then we can help with deradicalization. However, we have no requirement or expectation of changing someone’s beliefs.

I’m not an extremist or a violent person, I’m not sure this program is for me…

The purpose of our program is to help people build a better life for themselves. This involves people disengaging or leaving behind belief systems that aren’t working for them right now. We’re not here to change your beliefs or your thoughts. We support people in identifying and moving towards their positive goals. If you find yourself feeling unsure about whether the Evolve program is for you, feel free to send us a message. Your personal information is kept confidential and one of our staff members will be able to answer any questions you may have.

What is your relationship with law enforcement?

We’re an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that works independently from the police and national security organizations. We are partnered with the Edmonton Police Service and RCMP. However, we work with police with an understanding that we will protect our client’s confidentiality and anonymity.

Are your services confidential?

Our services are confidential and we don’t share participant information without explicit consent.
However, similar to other professions, we have a duty to report the risk of harm to oneself or others. If a participant displays behaviour indicating they are a threat to themselves or others, we will call the police. This approach is in line with the professional standards and legal responsibilities of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors.

What types of belief systems or ideologies do you work with?

We work with individuals and families who are engaged with all types of harmful beliefs, extremism, and ideologies. We see extremism as a phenomenon that is not related to any one ethnic, cultural, or religious group. Rather, it is a process that can be experienced by people from all walks of life.

What do you do if someone who holds harmful beliefs does not want to work with you?

We do not coerce individuals into our program, nor do we believe that forced participation will generate positive outcomes. This is partly why we prioritize a relationship-based model building positive and trusting relationships with our participants. In circumstances where there are mandated conditions for participants (e.g., probation, immigration, parole) we work with these individuals to generate buy-in through the early stages of the intervention process.

Need Help? Contact the Evolve Program

If you or someone you know needs help in regards to hate or extremism, reach out now. All messages will be responded to within 24 hours during weekdays, and the following business day on weekends.

To respect your privacy & ensure everyone’s safety, we will only respond to missed calls if a voice or text message if left.

If you have an immediate safety concern, contact your local police.

Our team operates independent from government and law enforcement and we work to assure your privacy.

For questions about Evolve, call or text us at: 1 (877) 938 6580 For all other inquires, call us at: 780-993-8403

Only be as specific as you're comfortable with. This information helps us match you with the right staff member.